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News: Jan 16, 2004


From: "Bob Gibson"
Sent: Friday, January 16, 2004 7:59 AM
Subject: FW: The T-28


I just had to tell you about this upcoming adventure!


I've been invited to fly this plane in the next few weeks.
The T-28 was build by North American - the same folks who gave us the P-51 "Mustang."


 This one is a 1956 "B" model with 1,425 horsepower (engine displacement is
 about 1,800 cubic inches!). I shot these photos with the Boxster for "scale"...


A couple of good websites describing it are:






This last link has an interesting quote:


"The aircraft can takeoff on less than 800 feet of runway, climb to 10,000 feet in less than 90 seconds, race level above 335 mph, and dive above 380 mph. In fact, the T-28 can outperform most WWII fighters at low altitude."
A local pilot friend (with 20,000+ total hours, and about 2,000 of that instructing in T28s) told me he had conducted "mock dogfights" with Grumman F4F "Wildcat" fighters, and routinely beat them at lower altitudes.


The "downside" is that, at full speed, it's drinking about 80 gallons of fuel and 1 gallon (not QUART . . . GALLON ) of oil PER HOUR!


Bob Gibson