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News: Jan 11, 2004

Jan. 11, 2004 Second Sunday: Jerry drove down to Avon Park, in the dark most of the way, and cold to the bone until noon! This might very well have been my last trip out to some foreign airport for breakfast - can't see all that good in the dark - and not a heckuva lot better in the light ! It was pre-arranged to meet Mr. Propeller Man, and his son and daughter-in-law. (wife was out of the state)
My plan was to set out my table with the event listings, and have a propeller out for display as well. Draws a lot of attention for me, and some for Myles Hustad, Brady Hustad, and Kelli, the pretty one. This was a very good morning for "Breakfast With The Veterans' Honor Guard" in spite of the cold and wind. And, I don't want to start mentioning all the names of people who shook my hand and got introduced to the Hustads. Match Making is my favorite pastime, and I got dizzy with all the excitement.
Anyways, I haven't seen Lefty and KayDee for what, a year ? and I'm sure glad to find them back at work in the Sebring area.

From: leftkd@strato.net (The Leftwich's)

Hi Jerry, was also good seeing you again and meeting some new aviation-type folks.

After a short hiatus, I'm back working on Air Cams again. I had left and worked on some Air Cams around the country for a few months. Back at the factory, I do get along very well with Antonio Leza and he likes having me there again. I'm doing the demo flights, tech calls, and building the 51% fuselages for customers, when needed. I don't want to build the complete Air Cam, unless it's for an overseas customer. For the Air Cam Service Center, I do annual inspections, modifications and general inspections for Air Cam customers. I'll be working at the Air Cam display again at Sun 'n Fun, and we'll also be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Air Cam this year. I'm still traveling around the country helping Air Cam customers with their planes, especially final assembly and inspection. On the 27th of this month, I'll be attending the FAA's Technical Safety Institute in Oklahoma City. I'll be one of the first 18 AB-DAR candidates to complete a 3 day course. We will be able to inspect and issue airworthiness certificates to amateur built aircraft. This is on a "volunteer" basis and we can only charge for expenses and not the actual inspection. Cost for the FAA course is $428. Hotel Room for 4 nights, $220. Round trip air fare, $378. And, I pay for all this out of my pocket. And so it goes..............

Here's a shot that KayDee took today............Lefty